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Theological Works Based upon Scripture Alone

This site exists for the sole purpose of evangelizing and edifying believers in Jesus Christ. It does not sell anything. It distributes Christian books free of charge. All of these works may be freely shared, but not sold.

All publications on this site have been written from an firm and established realization that all scripture is inerrant and wholly consistent. It is infallible and it is fully inspired by the Creator. The author takes the position that scripture is not only infallible but is magnificent in its scope and structure, powerful in its message and wholly transforming to anyone who is willing to obey it with sincerity and who has himself been transformed by trusting in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of all sins.

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Endless Love

Revised January 8, 2017

Written to facilitate the restoration of human love and the preservation and strengthening of marriage and family.

A glance at First John 4:8 shows that love is the core of Christian theology! Why? Because it shows that God is love. Thus, a theology that excludes love excludes the most basic nature of God.

The confluence of scripture to human love is far greater and less understood than most evangelicals realize. For instance, all of First Corinthians 13 refers to only one of four Greek words for love (agápe) and yet there is no English translation for this particular love.

First John 4:8 declares that God is agápe. Thus, agape is supernatural. Agape is the way God acts. It is purpose. It is His motivation. It is the power behind the cross itself (John 3:16) and it empowers all of the other human loves. Therefore, the scriptural dynamic of love is immensely important. Yet, many pastors ignore it.

Real scriptural love saves marriages and saves families because it creates harmony, peace, wisdom and righteousness by divine fiat.

It is our sincere prayer that through the scriptures disclosed in this book marriages and families will be saved. Perhaps yours. Read for yourself how scripture simply skips over the tangle of human disputes and heals marital relationships by divine fiat.

You may, without cost, download it here.


Believe in God

Revised August 25, 2016

This very brief booklet answers the question "How can I believe in God without perceiving Him?" Answer: you can't. But He makes Himself known. Download the pdf version here Distribute it freely, please.


The House

Revised June 27, 2015

This very short booklet is an analogy of the experience of salvation. It is intended to be read in one sitting.

You may view the pdf version here.


A Reason for Adversity

Revised July 24, 2016

This is a book written for Christians who are facing adversity and do not understand why. A Reason for Adversity looks at scripture to see how scripture answers to the age-old question, "Why does God permit man to suffer adversity and pain?"

Time can blunt the sting of emotional pain, but understanding where it fits can put it to rest.

It is our sincere prayer that this book will help those who are facing the lion of adversity.

You may view the pdf version here.


If You Believe ...

Revised May 13, 2015

Did God really create you or are you the product of millions of unobserved extremely fortunate accidental mutations?

Recent discoveries have uncovered a complexity in life that could never be explained by accidental mutations and dying animals, which is the reason given by evolution. At a certain point simple common sense must look at the incomprehensible organization and complexity of life and demand the conclusion that life could never have evolved, but must have been created. That point has been reached and passed, but it has been obscured for reasons other than scientific integrity.

Academia is captive to a theory that has created libraries full of books based upon a creation of absolutely vast and inconceivable complexity that is supposed to have occurred by accidental beneficial mutations and the dying animals. But when the facts are brought to light, the belief is absurd.

Just for instance, it is ridiculous to surmise that accidental mutations caused by cosmic rays and various other things, and the environment (dying animals) created a living computer (the human brain), which is fully programed and timed to the nanosecond, saves and indexes the memories of a lifetime and is capable of executing 124.8 quadrillion organized computations in one second. That is approximately 5 quadrillion organized computations in the click of a camera shutter (1/25 of a second).

It is absurd to conclude that this was created through chance beneficial mutations, dying animals and environmental pressures. Rational people believe do not believe that theory because it is rational. They believe it because the alternative is unacceptable.

Evidence against Darwinism is irrelevant to the Darwinist:

"Even if there were no actual evidence in favor of the Darwinian theory ... we would still be justified in preferring it over rival theories [creationism]."
Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker (NY Norton, 1986), 287, emphasis in the original.

That statement, made by the world's most prolific proponent of evolution, is the apex of a closed and unscientific mind.

So, what is the evidence against evolution? If you believe in evolution, what is it that you really believe? This is a quick and easy read.

You may download it here. Pass it on! Or check out our other website at


The Fate of Unbelievers (the condensation)

Revised December 15, 2016

This controversial work is a condensation of the book of the same name (see below). It examines the scriptures relating to the eternal fate of unbelievers. Does scripture say that they are tormented eternally or does scripture say that they die?

There is no scripture that says unbelievers will be tormented eternally. Check your concordance for yourself. Instead of eternal torment, every single scripture either does not define the punishment or tells that the punishment is death. Indeed, the entire Bible is a warning that sin causes death. Thus, the eternal punishment referenced in scripture is eternal death, not eternal torment. This booklet examines the most relevant scriptures.

How many times did Jesus speak of eternal torment? Never. How many times does scripture speak of eternal torment for unbelievers? Never. How many times does scripture say that the final end of unbelievers is death? Last time we counted, 48 times. This is a pivotal doctrine. Check it out.

You may download it here without cost.


This condensed booklet is available in an electronic pamphlet version for Nook and other Barnes & Noble on Amazon.


The Fate of Unbelievers (the book)

Revised February 10, 2017

This book is most easily read by Adobe Reader or other fully developed pdf reader. Adobe Reader is free at

The Fate of Unbelievers (previously titled A Scriptural Discussion of Hell) is a comprehensive work showing that although scripture teaches that there is a hell, it does not teach that the unredeemed will be tormented eternally.

God does not place the unredeemed dead in a state of eternal conscious physical sensation so He can burn alive them for the rest of eternity. That is a medieval Catholic doctrine and it is gross theological error. There is no substantive support for it in scripture and it is gross error.

The punishment for sin is death, not eternal torment. The scriptures that support that fact are numerous and they are all included in Appendix 1 of this book.

This book is written in both a question and answer format (a discussion) and a treatise format (comments) with extensive references in both the Greek and the Hebrew.

The electronic version of this book includes a comprehensive navigation system making it extremely easy to move through the book and never lose ones place. If you are interested in this topic, the new navigation system renders this book to be a valuable scriptural reference. It is best read with Adobe Reader.

No matter which side of the question one happens to fall, this book is an excellent resource for any student of the Bible.

You may view and download (for free) the pdf version here.



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The author of these works is Charles R. Chesnutt, Sr., a bankruptcy attorney in Dallas, Texas and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (1983).

The theological views expressed on this website regarding eternal torment are his own and not those of Dallas Theological Seminary.

You may wish to visit another website published by Mr. Chesnutt: is a website showing examples from nature that could never have been created by evolutionary accidents. In order to conclude that they were, in fact, caused by evolutionary accident one must first presume that either God does not exist or that He did not create.

The theory of evolution is an emperor parading down university halls--without any clothes.

Charles Chesnutt, Sr.


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